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JavaScript: Novice to Ninja

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JavaScript: Novice to Ninja Title: JavaScript: Novice to Ninja
Author: Darren Jones
Publisher: 2014-12-06
Format: Online PDF (500 pages, 7.8 MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0992461227
ISBN-13: 9780992461225

Pdf ebooks free JavaScript: Novice to Ninja.Plot:

Learn JavaScript from scratch!

Packed with numerous examples, JavaScript: Novice to Ninja is a fun, step-by-step and comprehensive introduction to development in JavaScript.

Discover how to use JavaScript to solve real-world problems, build smarter forms, track user events, and design eye-catching animations.

Learn JavaScript’s built-in functions, methods, and properties.
Use JavaScript to validate form entries and interact with your users.
Understand how to respond to user events and add interactivity to your applications.
Create animations that bring your web site to life.
Start programming using the DOM
And much more!


(J), 2014, Computers & Internet

Python Programming Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

Free Pdf Ebooks Download Python Programming Fundamentals, 2nd Edition
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Python Programming Fundamentals, 2nd Edition Title: Python Programming Fundamentals, 2nd Edition
Author: Kent D. Lee
Publisher: 2015-01-21
Format: Online PDF (239 pages, 4.7 MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1447166418
ISBN-13: 9781447166412

Pdf ebooks free Python Programming Fundamentals, 2nd Edition.Plot:

This easy-to-follow and classroom-tested textbook guides the reader through the fundamentals of programming with Python, an accessible language which can be learned incrementally. Features: incudes numerous examples and practice exercises throughout the text, with additional exercises, solutions and review questions at the end of each chapter; highlights the patterns which frequently appear when writing programs, reinforcing the application of these patterns for problem-solving through practice exercises; introduces the use of a debugger tool to inspect a program, enabling students to discover for themselves how programs work and enhance their understanding; presents the Tkinter framework for building graphical user interface applications and event-driven programs; provides instructional videos and additional information for students, as well as support materials for instructors, at an associated website.


(P), 2015, Computers & Internet

Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python

Free Pdf Ebooks Download Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python
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Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python Title: Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python
Author: TACGIA
Publisher: 2014-12-29
Format: Online PDF (219 pages, 11.2 MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1783983507
ISBN-13: 9781783983506

Pdf ebooks free Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python.Plot:

Selenium WebDriver is a popular automated testing tool for web applications. Python is one of the top programming languages and when used with Selenium it can automate and test web applications. Using Python’s unittest module, you can write test cases in Selenium. Over the years, Selenium has become a very powerful testing platform and many organizations are adopting Selenium WebDriver for creating automated user interface tests.

The book’s main aim is to cover the fundamentals related to Python Selenium testing. You will learn how the Selenium WebDriver Python API can be integrated with CI and Build tools to allow tests to be run while building applications. This book will guide you through using the Selenium WebDriver Python client library as well as other tools from the Selenium project. Towards the end of this book, you’ll get to grips with Selenium Grid, which is used for running tests in parallel using nodes for cross-browser testing. It will also give you a basic overview of the concepts, while helping you improve your practical testing skills with Python and Selenium.


(L), 2014, Books

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