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Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers

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Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers Title: Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers
Author: Alan Trevennor
Publisher: 2014-12-01
Format: Online PDF (192 pages, 5.1 MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1484209028
ISBN-13: 9781484209028

Pdf ebooks free Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers.Plot:

AVR is the brain that runs Arduino, but you don’t need the whole Arduino board to do fun projects. Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers, from Practical AVR Microcontrollers, shows you how to create a spiffy set of projects that you can build to learn more about electronics, about AVR, and just to generate new ideas for your own projects.

Alan Trevennor will show you how to create a secret panel project, a gadget to drive your pets crazy, a hallway lighting system, and even a small home automation network.


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Beginner SQL Programming Using

Free Pdf Ebooks Download Beginner SQL Programming Using
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Beginner SQL Programming Using Title: Beginner SQL Programming Using
Author: Kalman Toth
Publisher: 2012-09-20
Format: Online PDF (420 pages, 8.2 MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1479351156
ISBN-13: 9781479351152

Pdf ebooks free Beginner SQL Programming Using .Plot:

The best way to master T-SQL programming is to type the query in your own SQL Server Management Studio Query Editor, test it, examine it, change it and study it. Wouldn’t it be easier just to copy & paste it? It would, but the learning value would diminish rapidly. You need to feel the SQL language in your DNA. SQL queries must “pour” out from your fingers into the keyboard. Why is knowing SQL queries by heart so important? After all everything can be found on the web so why not just copy & paste? Well not exactly. If you want to be an database development expert, it has to be in your head not on the web.


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Swift by Tutorials: A Hands-On Approach

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Swift by Tutorials: A Hands-On Approach Title: Swift by Tutorials: A Hands-On Approach
Author: Colin Eberhardt, Matt Galloway
Publisher: 2014-10-22
Format: Online PDF (257 pages, 12.3 MB)
Language: English

Pdf ebooks free Swift by Tutorials: A Hands-On Approach.Plot:

Learn Apple’s brand new programming language, Swift, the quick and easy way: via hands-on tutorials!

Through a series of real-world, practical examples you will bring your Swift knowledge from beginner to master.

Start with with the basics like classes, enums, and structs and move all the way to advanced topics like functional programming, Swift and Cocoa integration, and more!

Fully Up-to-Date: This book is fully up-to-date for Swift, iOS 8 and Xcode 6!


(S), 2014, Books

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