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Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment 3rd Edition Title: Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment 3rd Edition
Author: Stephen A. Rago, W. Richard Stevens
Publisher: 2013-05-24
Format: Online PDF (1024 pages, 42.7MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0321637739
ISBN-13: 9780321637734

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For more than twenty years, serious C programmers have relied on one book for practical, in-depth knowledge of the programming interfaces that drive the UNIX and Linux kernels: W. Richard Stevens’ Advanced Programming in the UNIX® Environment . Now, once again, Rich’s colleague Steve Rago has thoroughly updated this classic work. The new third edition supports today’s leading platforms, reflects new technical advances and best practices, and aligns with Version 4 of the Single UNIX Specification.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. UNIX System Overview
Chapter 2. UNIX Standardization and Implementations
Chapter 3. File I/O
Chapter 4. Files and Directories
Chapter 5. Standard I/O Library
Chapter 6. System Data Files and Information
Chapter 7. Process Environment
Chapter 8. Process Control
Chapter 9. Process Relationships
Chapter 10. Signals
Chapter 11. Threads
Chapter 12. Thread Control
Chapter 13. Daemon Processes
Chapter 14. Advanced I/O
Chapter 15. Interprocess Communication
Chapter 16. Network IPC: Sockets
Chapter 17. Advanced IPC
Chapter 18. Terminal I/O
Chapter 19. Pseudo Terminals
Chapter 20. A Database Library
Chapter 21. Communicating with a Network Printer
Appendix A. Function Prototypes
Appendix B. Miscellaneous Source Code
Appendix C. Solutions to Selected Exercises

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