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Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics Title: Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics
Author: Steven J. Gortler
Publisher: 2012-07-13
Format: Online PDF (296 pages, 5.5MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0262017350
ISBN-13: 9780262017350

Pdf ebooks free Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics.Plot:

Computer graphics technology is an amazing success story. Today, all of our PCs are capable of producing high-quality computer-generated images, mostly in the form of video games and virtual-life environments; every summer blockbuster movie includes jaw-dropping computer generated special effects. This book explains the fundamental concepts of 3D computer graphics. It introduces the basic algorithmic technology needed to produce 3D computer graphics, and covers such topics as understanding and manipulating 3D geometric transformations, camera transformations, the image-rendering process, and materials and texture mapping.

Table of Contents
Part 1. Getting Started
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Linear
Chapter 3 Affine
Chapter 4 Respect
Chapter 5 Frames In Graphics
Chapter 6 HelloWorld 3D

Part 2. Rotations and Interpolation
Chapter 7 Quaternions (a bit technical)
Chapter 8 Balls: Track and Arc
Chapter 9 Smooth Interpolation

Part 3. Cameras and Rasterization
Chapter 10 Projection
Chapter 11 Depth
Chapter 12 From Vertex to Pixel
Chapter 13 Varying Variables (Tricky)

Part 4. Pixels and Such
Chapter 14 Materials
Chapter 15 Texture Mapping
Chapter 16 Sampling
Chapter 17 Reconstruction
Chapter 18 Resampling

Part 5. Advanced Topics
Chapter 19 Color
Chapter 20 What is Ray Tracing
Chapter 21 Light (technical)
Chapter 22 GeometricModeling: Basic Intro
Chapter 23 Animation: Not Even an Introduction

A HelloWorld 2D
B Affine Functions

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