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Looking Out, Looking In, 14th Edition Title: Looking Out, Looking In, 14th Edition
Author: Ronald B. Adler, Russell F. Proctor II
Publisher: 2013-01-01
Format: Online PDF (448 pages, 18MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0840028172
ISBN-13: 9780840028174

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Used by more than a million students, LOOKING OUT/LOOKING IN, Fourteenth Edition, maintains its outstanding tradition of combining current information with a fun, reader-friendly voice that links course topics to your everyday life. You’ll discover how you will benefit from improving your interpersonal skills and sharpening your critical understanding of the communication process. Diverse and compelling examples illustrate and reinforce how communication skills can affect both the world around you and your own lives.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A First Look at Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 2: Communication and Identity: Creating and Presenting the Self
Chapter 3: Perception: What You See Is What You Get
Chapter 4: Emotions: Feeling, Thinking, and Communicating
Chapter 5: Language: Barrier and Bridge
Chapter 6: Nonverbal Communication: Messages beyond Words
Chapter 7: Listening: More Than Meets the Ear
Chapter 8: Communication and Relational Dynamics
Chapter 9: Interpersonal Communication in Close Relationships
Chapter 10: Improving Communication Climates
Chapter 11: Managing Interpersonal Conflicts

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